5-series visit programme

Depending on the weather conditions we will study a particular area of nature i.e. flowers, beetles (bugs), butterflies, plants and trees.
The fifth visit will combine all the knowledge from the previous visits. We will use the detective map that we have developed.

The children get a stamped certificate to say they have qualified as a nature Certinvestigator. Points to note: I need a 1:10 ratio for the outdoor programme – this can be parents/volunteers/teachers.

I can adapt my teaching to your curriculum/as required with a few days notice.

I – Infant (Junior and Senior),
J – Junior (1st and 2nd),
M – Middle (3rd and 4th),
S – Senior (5th and 6th)
Additional Information:

  • Special Needs
    Special Needs
  • Visits outside county
    Visit Outside County
  • Field Trips
    Field Trips
  • Practical Hands On
    Practical/Hands-On Activities

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