Biodiversity Workshops for Secondary Schools 2016 – 2017

Biodiversity Workshops for Secondary Schools  2016 – 2017ericthebirdman

  • ‘Study of Ecosystem’ on school grounds;
  • Biodiversity Hike; Raptors/Birds Study;
  • Hike to the local Park.
  • Biodiversity & Variety is the Spice of Life !

Plan a workshop for this coming year with the following choices for Secondary Students from ;

  • The Kites in Wicklow
  • Our own wonderful Amazon jungle in the Wicklow Mountains National Park
  • Learn All about the Bees in trouble

Perhaps it’s a workshop on your school grounds; Perhaps a Hike in Wicklow Mountains National Park; A talk all about the bees in trouble, Kites, Buzzard & Peregrine Falcon in Wicklow.
How can we help?

We have good availability from June 2016 (as of today)

Sample Packages:
Customize an Interactive ‘Scientific Ecology Study of an Ecosystem’ on school grounds. Compulsory field study in preparation for Leaving Certificate Biology Programme. For two experts!

Group of 30
Paper packs printed by school

Biodiversity Hike in the Wicklow Mountains National Park.
For both experts 10am-1pm
Group of 30
Paper packs printed by school

Indoor Winter series of talks
For both experts 10am-1pm
Group of 30
Paper packs printed by school

We are both Garda vetted
Contact the following from the Wicklow Heritage In Schools Expert Panel.
Call Eric Dempsey;
Bird & Biodiversity Specialists
087 907 5669
Twitter: @EricTheBirdman

Call Grace Garde
Ecology & Biodiversity Specialists
Twitter: @GracefulLands

Santa Snowflakes workshop

One last Santa Snowflakes workshop on Monday 21st December and that’s a wrap.
I delivered the workshops from junior infants to Fourth class in five schools in Dublin and Wicklow. The time allocation ranged from 30mins-1.5hour depending on teachers requirements, age of children.


Deer Santa

With the older children we spoke about all the elements of Christmas that we get from nature; Robin; Wren; Holly; Mistletoe; Christmas Trees; mention of smells of the Turkey; spuds & Christmas tree were in the air. Then we studied the formation of a snowflake & studied the fantastic snowflake forming…

snowtime from Slava Ivanov on Vimeo.

Then we saw the wonderful snowflake falling:

and then of course walking in the air

Then we made either reindeer food bags or a pine cone activity….


Winter Snowflake Science

The workshops coming up are as follows:


 January – Winter lecture series – From the Amazon to Wicklow
 February – Signs of spring
 March – Signs of spring
 April – Signs of spring
 May- Flower & pollinators
 June-Flower & pollinators
 September-Trees & Autumn colours
 October-Trees & Autumn colours
 November- Trees & Autumn colours
 December-Snowflakes


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