Junior Pollinator Plan – All about the bees in trouble

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Junior Pollinator Plan – All about the bees in trouble.
15 subsidised days left for this calendar year.

help save our bees

What are we going to talk about? 

  • Honey?
  • Who & what are pollinators?
  • Why are they important?
  • The wonderful world of bees inside the colony?
  • Why are pollinators & bees in trouble?
  • Junior pollinator plan
  • What can schools/families/parents do for bees?
  • How can I help?
  • Let’s get planting
  • Understand what food the bee needs?
  • Understand why he visits the flower?
  • Why are a third of our Irish Bees in decline?
  • We can all do something to help?
If you wish to have other biodiversity workshops please contact me directly, I work with a number of specialists in the Nature World.
I am garda vetted, completed a child protection, first aid, & hill walking course.
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Interesting fact – did you know that
Bumblebees sit on their eggs? bee



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Interesting scientific Labeling of the morphology of a bee bee2

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How do bees see? Why not like us?
How does that effect the flowers that see? bee3

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