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Details of the programme I offer are below. My programme can help get the schools thinking about their Biodiversity Flag – I will help with the Detective/Habitat Map in addition.

Detective Flower


  • Look for flowers, study the parts of the flower, and ask questions why does the plant produce this flower?
  • What pollinators like them?
  • Equipment: Line transects, Quadrats, ID charts.

Detective Beetle:


  • We check out bug traps that have been set and study the insects that have been carefully trapped & found.
  • We study their bodies with magnifying glasses.
  • Equipment: Pooters, beating trays, and ID charts.

Detective Butterfly:


  • We study the lifecycle of the butterfly, look for butterflies, and look for at the common 35 species in Ireland.
  • Equipment: Sweep nets, ID charts, and magnifying glasses.

Detective Acorn:


  • We study local trees and seeds.
  • Equipment: ID charts, and magnifying glasses.

Nature Investigator:


  • We are qualified nature investigators now, and we can go out and look at all nature in our environment.
  • Equipment: Nature investigator map, and all the equipment use

*There is a materials charge depending on the visit chosen.

5-series visit programme

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