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Welcome to the ‘Graceful landscape’ Heritage in schools website.

I’m Grace Garde B.Sc.(Hons), I focus on the Primary Science Education Strand and have developed and present a number of courses suitable for children and young adults.

Plants & Animals РPlant & Animal habitat.

I visit Primary Schools in Dublin, Co. Wicklow.Graceful-Landscape-Discovery-Groups
We will examine the variety and characteristics of living things and the processes of life. ‘Graceful landscape’ aims to stimulate the children’s scientific and creative skills, making it both¬†exciting and useful experience. We have over a year working with the NPWS and guiding with private companies (eco-adventure Ireland) since 2009.

For the heritage-in school’s scheme, I¬†have¬†developed a 5-series visit that¬†includes qualitative¬†& quantitative analysis both age and seasonally relevant. The visits will encourage engagement, direct experience,¬†confidence building, hands-on activities, and stimulation of all the senses.

Pupils will learn about ecosystems and the habitat through site visits on school grounds & and/or local habitats using simple scientific sampling and interactive nature-based games.

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